Summer Tournament Rules


  • A match between 2 teams will consist of best of 3 games with each game being a 4-Over, 2-Player (Out) game. The first team’s turn at batting is done only when either both overs are completed or when 2 wickets have been lost.
  • Each team consists of 2 players.
  • Tournament Format: Round Robin. Refer to the Google Docs spreadsheet for your company’s tournament draw.
  • TIED games. If a game is tied, then the following criteria will be used to break the tie:
    • The team that has lost fewer wickets will be the winner.
    • If both teams lost the same number of wickets, then the team that scored their runs in fewer balls will be the winner
    • If the scores are tied and the same number of wickets/balls have been taken, then both teams will play another game to decide the winner.
  • For any given match, a coin-toss will be used to determine which team bats first or second.
  • Team names need to be entered accurately into the Team Name field for keeping track of results. Note: the first team (on the left side of the screen) always bats first.
  • When a game is over, please note the detailed results. Only when the results of a game have been recorded, should the user hit “Play Again”. The winning team needs to update the DrawsAndScores page in the Google Docs spreadsheet (link provided to all the teams).


Hitting out of the park:

If a batsman hits the ball out of the table area, either above the net or through the bowler hole, it is considered a six. The batsman needs to hit the Sixer button within 3 seconds to record the six runs. If the batsman fails to push the Sixer button in time then Umpire Review is used to award a Six.

However, if a ball hit out of the table area by the batsman and is physically caught by a member of the bowling team before it hits the ground or any object,  the batsman is Out. A member of the bowling team needs to hit the Caught Out button within 3 second to record the out. If the batsman has already hit the Sixer button or the 3 seconds expired, then Umpire Review needs to be invoked to change the event to an OUT.


Wide balls:

If a ball hits either Wide Ball marker directly, without hitting the batsman or wicket first, then the Batsman should use Umpire Review and claim a Wide ball. The batsman is awarded a bonus run, any additional runs scored off the wide ball and receives an additional ball in the over.


Review and Final Judgement:

Any decision to use the Umpire Review button should be based on consent from both team. In the event there is disagreement between the teams on how to proceed, the dispute needs to be referred to the Tournament Coordinator. All disputes will be settled by the Tournament Coordinator and all decisions rendered by the Tournament Coordinator are final.


For more detailed rules please take a look at