We bring the excitement of world sports...


Recreate the drama of world-class cricket, soccer, and baseball through ThrowMotion’s network of web-connected table games.

We combine thrilling game play with new levels of online competition.

What Our Clients Say

"An innovative game that reflects the nuances of the sport!"

M.C.C Museum, Collections Mgr., London

"I absolutely love the ThrowMotion cricket table at Google. Whenever I give a visitor a tour of Google, I make sure to stop by B43 and get them to play a game... The game is perfect for the quick afternoon break at work to enjoy with your colleagues!"

Operations and System Specialist, Mountain View, CA

"I am glad we took the decision to go ahead with ThrowMotion and the cricket tables this year! It is a great way to activate at a place where cricket audiences gather. Thanks for your support over the past year. We will be using the tables again next season!"

Events and Sponsorship Mgr., U.K.

"This is an amazing game. It will be a great add to [FB Bldg. #]"

Head of Workplace Planning, Menlo Park, CA

"It's changing the way people play ball games (Cricket + Baseball) - a new paradigm that brings physical and digital gaming worlds together."

CTO Vertical Systems BU, San Jose, CA

"A great idea to engage Cricket fans, very unique and novel with an excellent gameplay experience... Throwmotion is a must try for all cricket lovers!"

Marketing Manager, Dubai, UAE

"A big hit at the companyI I had to wait in queue during lunch to play the game :)"

SVP, India

"A Cricket equivalent of foosball in our company game room, finally! We need many more of these. "

Sr. SW engineer, San Francisco

"This is one awesome game you and your team have developed. We are addicted to it!!"

Member of the Technical Staff, Sunnyvale, CA

"The best of video games, Foosball, Billiards, pinball all rolled into a new game experience!"

User at Plug and Play, Sunnyvale, CA