They’re brilliant! Thanks very much and good luck spreading it around - I hope to see it in pubs all over the country soon!

~M.G., The Oval, London, UK

My son and I had to stand in line for 20 minutes to try out the ThrowMotion game at Lord’s and the wait was completely worth it.

~Suraj G., Lord's CG, London, UK

I played your game at Lord's cricket ground and we thought it was brilliant to be honest.

~S.G., London, UK

I had the opportunity to play the slugfest at the Oval. It was amazing and I didn't want to stop. When are these (games) going to be put on sale?

~D.A., London, UK

Our team is hooked onto this game. Just like coffee...we need our daily fix of ThrowMotion cricket every day now!

~M.N., Bangalore, India

Hard to describe the feeling, but what a refreshing game [of indoor cricket]. You have to try it yourself.

~J.N., Bangalore, India

I can't wait to play @ThrowMotion cricket! Brilliant innovation!

~A.G., Bangalore, India

When football goes mainstream (in India), Cricket turns casual! @ThrowMotion cricket is kickass, even better than foosball.

~V.D., Bangalore, India

Congratulations on a great product/experience.
The game was really fun to play! I'm a huge cricket fan and was my summer game in the UK for 20+yrs, playing for many teams from a early age.

~P.S., Providence, RI

Great product! I did not follow or understand Cricket until i played their game. The best of video games, Foosball, Billiards, pinball all rolled into a new game experience. fun to play and a very social game unlike most arcade games.

~S.J., Gainesville, FL