Our latest award: Tie 50 2014

Our flagship product: Cricket Live!

Already a hit at the world’s largest companies, Cricket Live combines stunningly realistic play with web-enabled features such as tourneys and online leaderboards.

Table Cricket
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Bring home the excitement and pressure of a real cricket match!

Cricket Live! combines the physics of ball dynamics and engineering in a unique way to create the ultimate table game. Intuitive and easy to use controls deliver a realistic experience with a striking resemblance to the real sport. Built-in electronics and gaming logic bring the game to life – calling plays, keeping track of scores and moving the match forward.

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Model Size and Power Requirement

Table dimensions: 40” x 56”, 40” high
Weight: 140lbs
Power: 110-240V / 50-60 Hz AC , < 100W



Coming soon, ‘Foosball Live’ and ThrowMotion Baseball!