This is one awesome game you and your team have developed. We are addicted to it!!

~S.B., Sunnyvale, CA

Thank you so much for a well organized and executed throw motion event [at the August 15th celebrations at Google]. It was a huge hit! My friends who visited loved it!

~B.G., Mountain View, CA

Thanks for bringing over the ThrowMotion cricket table to the [Google] event! Needless to say the table was very well attended and was enjoyed by all! A good time for us to put up posters in all the cafes (...) reminding users there is *another* ThrowMotion game table here!

~D.V., Mountain View, CA

Excellent game, got addicted in a month. We already have intense matches in the office after hours!

~S.K., Sunnyvale, CA

I absolutely love the Throwmotion cricket table at Google. Whenever I give a visitor a tour of Google, I make sure to stop by B43 and get them to play a game. There's a lot of international Cricket enthusiasts and Throwmotion is really trying to put them in touch with the game in an unimaginable different way. It's also like an advanced version of a foosball table - perfect for the quick afternoon break at work to enjoy with your colleagues!

~H.G., Mountain View, CA

Thank you for taking the time to demo your product at the STEM had the kids and adults mesmerized, even those who didn't have any exposure to the game of cricket itself!

~M.V., Hillsborough, CA

The game unit in Building 12 unit is a HUGE HIT – everyone that I spoke to loves it....even Americans are playing it and beating the desis:) It looks like very soon we'll have Cricket League here in US.

~ S.V.P., San Jose, CA

By far, one of the most entertaining indoor games I have ever played! The beauty of the game is the way it seamlessly connects a physical game to the digital space. So even though you play the game physically, you could compete virtually with others who own the game in other locations. The product quality is top notch and provides a consistent experience to the players. Throwmotion’s products are set to revolutionize the way we play cricket! My son enjoyed the game and cannot stop talking about it with his friends. In fact he is trying to work out how he can get one for himself!

~A.M., Dubai, UAE

I enjoyed using the controls for the bowler since I had to decide how I was going to bowl, spin, fast or bouncer. But what I enjoyed most about the game was the way you could set up the fielders anyway you liked and that you had to be strategic.

~S.M., Dubai, UAE

Thanks for the demo. The kids loved your game... I couldn't get them to leave!

~N.K., Dubai, UAE