Totally can't play just one game; keeps you coming back for more.

~M. C., Sunnyvale, California

An incredibly entertaining and addictive game!

~H. S., Santa Clara, CA

The game was hard at first, but once you picked it up there was a lot of fun. Even for someone like myself, who was unfamiliar with cricket, the game was easy to pick up. The automatic scoring enables players to enjoy the game regardless of their knowledge of cricket.

~L.V., Stanford, California

When I was first told about the game; I was quite skeptical and wondered how it would even work or be fun. It was a really pleasant surprise when I got to play it and, within a few minutes, I was completely sold on the idea. It's so addictive and fun that I can't wait to get one in my own home as soon as I get the chance!

~H. L., Mountain View, California

The difficulty level felt just right. The batsman-bowler duel was captured almost perfectly!

~G.L., Sunnyvale, California

Really enjoyed it even though I'm not a cricketer. It will be a big hit :-) with its audience.

~D.R., Cupertino, California

Very cool game. I love the construction and the game play was fun! I can't wait to see it when it goes into production.

~J.G., Palo Alto, California

The enjoyment of game play stands the test of time.

~S.H., San Francisco, California

I thought it was fantastic. I'm ready to buy when available!

~C.M., Los Gatos, California

The game was a lot of fun after I got the hang of it. Easy to learn, but need practice to get good!

~S.S., Cupertino, California