ThrowMotion Cricket in India

29th Oct, 2014 – We’re very happy to report that our game units made the 15,000 km journey from San Francisco to the International Technology Park in Bangalore in relative comfort. Each of the four game units, destined for our customer Applied Materials (India) arrived intact and worked straight out of the crate!

Besides having a strong Cricket tradition, Bangalore is known as the “Silicon Valley of India” because of its role as a leading information technology (IT) exporter. Thousands of IT companies are based in Bangalore, many clustered together in large “Technology Parks”.

Nasscom New Product Conclave –

We also exhibited our games at the annual NASSCOM NPC in Bangalore, along with a hundred of India’s hottest product start-ups. The Cricket games generated a huge amount of interest and provided welcome relief to conference attendees, who scored over 7,000 runs during the two days! Here’s a short video clip of live action cricket at the NPC.

Demo at ESPN Cricinfo HQ –

Nov 3rd, 2014 – Today we demo’d our game at ESPN Cricinfo HQ in Bangalore, the most popular digital media site for the sport of Cricket. Check out this clip of the digital Cricket gurus going at each other on the table-top version of the sport!

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