ThrowMotion Selected as One of TiE50’s Hottest Start-ups


May 12, 2014 — TiEcon 2014 “ThrowMotion Selected as One of TiE50’s Hottest Start-ups”

ThrowMotion, a California-based startup that’s helping create the internet of live-action table games, has been selected as one of TiEcon 2014 TiE50. Selection into this premier group is keenly contested by thousands of technology startups worldwide and represents the best of the breed startups screened from more 2800 companies to present to TiEcon audiences.

Modeled on the foosball table game concept, ThrowMotion brings the universally loved game of cricket to life in an appealing, easy to learn format that quickly becomes addictive. Integrated audiovisual effects and control of a variety of gaming aspects from bowler to batsman to fielder as well aligning fielding strategy with bowling strategy allow for realistic game play. Wi-Fi enabled and interactive mobile app features foster friendly competition, user retention and creation of connected global gaming community. Several units placed throughout the Bay Area and at a few sites overseas including Google, Juniper Networks, Applied Materials, Cisco and Coca Cola have been received enthusiastically by players of all ages and levels. Typical game durations range from 5-20 minutes making it a perfect for breaks in a corporate recreation area or for social events in family game rooms. ThrowMotion is offering live demos, game play and discounted rates for orders placed at the conference.

“We’re very excited to demo our connected, physical Cricket games at TiEcon 2014. These games not only bring live-action Cricket to the table-top for the first time, but they also combine some of the best attributes of physical games with digital technology in a unique way”, says Aditya Dayal, the Founder and CEO of ThrowMotion, Inc. “We’re thrilled at the positive response from our early users in the Bay Area and Dubai, and look forward to creating a global community of table cricketers around this platform.”

Visit ThrowMotion at Booth 254 at TiEcon.
For more information, visit
Tel: +1.408.548.7529

About ThrowMotion, Inc
ThrowMotion is a Sunnyvale, California-based startup that’s helping create the Internet of live-action table games. Our first game recreates the sport of Cricket on the table top, and enables users to experience and share the realism and competition of a Cricket match with their friends or family, anytime. Our goal is to place these game units in companies, homes and arcades and to build a worldwide community of table-cricketers around this platform.

About TiEcon
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